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Die Kuh die lacht

Schillerstraße 28
60313 Frankfurt a.M.
+49 (0)69 27 29 01 71

Opening times

Monday and Thursday from noon till 9pm
Friday and Saturday from noon till 10pm
Sundays and public holidays: noon till 9pm

Kuh die lacht Mannheim

Die Kuh die lacht

Q7 4
68161 Mannheim
+49 621 336 444 73

Opening times

Monday to Thursday from 11:30am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 11pm
Sundays and public holidays: 12am to 9pm

Die Kuh die lacht Mainz

Die Kuh die lacht

Adolf-Kolping-Straße 4 (Römerpassage)
55116 Mainz
+49 (0) 6131 25 02 849

Opening times

Monday to Thursday from 11:30am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 11pm
Sundays and public holidays: 12am to 9pm


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Thats why the cow is smiling

  • Pure and fresh ingredients

    Our burgers taste great - naturally! To us it is of key importance to cook solely with fresh ingredients and avoid using flavor enhancers or artificial preservatives. Things like monosodium glutamate or the like, substances sounding like drugs, they will never find their way into our burgers. This will not alone make allergy sufferers happy!

  • Homemade sauces

    Besides our delicious ketchup, we cook most of our sauces and dips on a daily basis for our guests. We love to spare artificial sugars, processed foods and convenience products. Because we care so much about the ingredients of our sauces, we even make them ourselves.

  • A wide range of burgers

    In the past 10 years, we have created a wide range of burger recipes from around the world. Together with our variety of monthly special burgers we offer over 60 different receipts for burgers, sauces, salads and side orders. From vegans to beef enthusiasts, we have something for everyone! Go outside the box and try something new today.

  • Daily baked buns

    Instead of getting an industrially baked bun, we have faith and trust in our local bakery. With our master baker we created not only delicious buns but reduced the amount of sugar to the minimum offering our guests a great nutritional alternative. Being so close to the bakery, we are able to influence the ingredients and, more importantly, the taste. The flour, milk and butter used for the dough are all from regional sources.

  • Regional ingredients

    We put the utmost importance on regional ingredients. We source them in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region wherever possible. That way, we reduce the impact of our goods on our environment, and offer our guests delicious food made from fresh and pure ingredients.

  • Acting sustainably

    It is astonishing how much energy can be produced with our organic waste! To avoid wasting this energy futilely and to preserve our world for future generations, all our organic waste is collected by a local biogas plant. There,the organic waste is turned into electricity and district heat. And, all of our old deep-frying oil is turned into bio fuel.

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